Frequently Asked Question

The most common questions about how GIFTY works and what can do for you.

Can I create a shop for free?

Not really, Gifty is a yearly membership priced platform. A small token will be required (pocket friendly).

Does Gifty handle delivery?

No, we don't handle delivery for shops. All shop owners handle delivery/ deliverables.

How do I add my products/service ?

After a successful registration, Upload all product image to the media area, Now go to Whataspp Shop to create your shop and use the uploaded picture to list your items.

Where does my orders go?

All customer orders are sent via DM to your whatsapp, you can either negotiate or conclude the sale.

Do you accept order payment ?

No we don't, we only provide whatsapp shops with standard design. Shop owners conclude payment arrangement with the customer at sale conclusion on whatsapp.

Can I change my custom link/ URL later?

Yes!!! As long as its available for use.

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GIFTY Digital Shopmaker

Gifty is a fully registered and regulated platform (Owned by Veritas Imperial Investments Limited). We are not responsible for payment, refunds and logistics of products/services purchased from vendor stores as it is solely their business.

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